A Backpacker's moments


The story behind this traveler…

Hi, I’m Dexter! I like to describe myself as a regular open-minded humble guy who likes to travel and meet people with different backgrounds and cultures.

I’m from a small country called Brunei. We live in a village area surrounded by tropical rainforest. Ethnically, I’m Straits Chinese, also known as Peranakan. I have recently graduated from University in Australia and am currently working overseas.

I started my travel blog because I want to share my travel stories and experiences. I’ve loved traveling since the time I went on camping trips and other outdoor activities in the rainforest as a primary and secondary school student back in Brunei. That’s the start of my passion for being a backpacking traveler.

When I’m traveling, I like to have lots of fun, take photos, indulge in exciting outdoor activities and delicious food. Perhaps it’s due to my roots as a Baba (Peranakan) that I love to explore the world.

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